Tour of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo

Passes: Falzarego, Tre Croci, Three Peaks of Lavaredo, Cimabanche, Falzarego da Cortina d’Ampezzo

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In this route, you will have to face the climb of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo, an important climb in the history of the Giro d’Italia. It is not a mountain to be taken lightly and to tackle it, you need to have good athletic training. Starting from Arabba, you will then cycle towards the Falzarego pass and then speed downhill towards Cortina, warming up your legs before the most challenging climbs. The first one is the climb to the Tre Croci pass, an 8 km ascent with a maximum gradient of 12% before you can reach Misurina. We strongly recommend that you stop at the lake to take some photos, have a rest, drink some water and eat something before you deal with the fatigue which awaits you next. The private road leaving from Lake Misurina goes up for 7 km to the Auronzo refuge at an altitude of 2333 m. The hardest part, though, begins after the toll booth (free for bikes): 4 km, an elevation gain of 700 m and an average gradient of more than 11%. Being able to reach the top is a real feat, an experience that only cycling can offer. Once back in Arabba, you will have to climb the Cimabanche pass and the Falzarego pass. A final challenge just before the end of the route after many km of riding and two very challenging ascents.


technical specifications

Difficulty: HighLength: 125 KmElevation gain: 3740 mEquipment: ROAD

Additional Information
  • Falzarego Pass: 2105 m, ascent 10 km, average gradient 5.5%, maximum gradient 10%
  • Tre Croci pass: 1805 m, ascent 8 km, average gradient 7.2%, maximum gradient 12%
  • Three peaks of Lavaredo: 2333 m, ascent 7.19 km, average gradient 7.6%, maximum gradient 18%
  • Cimabanche pass: 1529 m, ascent 3.5 km, average gradient 3%, maximum gradient 5%
  • Falzarego da Cortina d’Ampezzo pass: 2192 m, ascent 16 km, average gradient 5.5%, maximum gradient 10%


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