Tour of the Erbe pass

Passes: Campolongo da Arabba, Erbe, Campolongo da Corvara

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It is a round trip on the Erbe pass with challenging ascents and descents among green pastures dominated by the mountain ranges of the Sella and the Sassongher range. After the Campolongo pass, there are a few km of flat ground through coniferous woods at the foot of the Sasso group of Santa Croce and then you will reach the village of Piccolino. Here the road becomes extremely challenging and you will need all your skills to start tackling the ascent of the Erbe pass: 4 km with gradients up to 15%. If you are tenacious and determined to reach the top, you will be rewarded with the unique and breathtaking view of the Dolomites. The way back is almost entirely uphill, a light climb until you reach the Campolongo pass with the last ascent before returning to Arabba.


technical specifications

Difficulty: HighLength: 85 KmElevation gain: 2660 mEquipment: ROAD

Additional Information
  • Campolongo da Arabba pass: 1875 m, ascent 4 km, average gradient 6.6%, maximum gradient 11%
  • Erbe pass: 2006 m, ascent 15.5 km, average gradient 5.7%, maximum gradient 16%
  • Campolongo da Corvara pass: 1875 m, ascent 6.15 km, average gradient 5%, maximum gradient 9%


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