The Tour of the four Passes

Passes: Pordoi pass, Sella pass, Gardena pass, Campolongo pass

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Also known as Tour of the four Passes, the Sellaronda is considered one of the most suggestive routes in the Dolomites by racing bike enthusiasts. A legendary tour to be done at least once in a lifetime. Included in the Sellaronda Bike Day, this route winds up along enchanting mountain roads through the most famous passes of the eastern Alpine range, UNESCO’s world heritage sites: Gardena, Campolongo, Pordoi, and Sella. 52 km of continuous climbs which, although not too difficult, are capable of putting even the most trained legs in difficulty. The mountains of the Sella group will be the extraordinary setting of this route, a beautiful view which will make you want to keep your head up as you ride, even when fatigue tries to make you bend over the handlebars.


technical specifications

Difficulty: ModerateLength: 52 KmElevation gain: 1830 mEquipment: ROAD

Additional Information
  • Pordoi Pass: 2239 m, ascent 9.4 km, average gradient 6.8%, maximum gradient 9.7%
  • Sella Pass: 2218 m, ascent 6.6 km, average gradient 6.6%, maximum gradient 8%
  • Gardena Pass: 2136 m, ascent 5.9 km, average gradient 4.2%, maximum gradient 6.2%
  • Campolongo Pass: 1875 m, ascent 6.15 km, average gradient 5%, maximum gradient 9%


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