“Maratona de les Dolomites” Tour

Passes: Pordoi, Sella, Gardena, Campolongo, Giau da Selva di Cadore, Falzarego/Valparola da Pocol, Campolongo

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Known all around the world thanks to the Maratona dlesDolomites, this route will give you the opportunity to discover some of the most enchanting and challenging passes in the Dolomites. Even if you prefer pedalling at a leisurely pace, this tour offers a challenge. You will face 7 historic climbs, Pordoi, Sella, Gardena, Campolongo, Giau, Falzarego and Campolongo, true pillars of the history of Italian cycling. An altitude difference of more than 4500 m leaves no doubt: to be able to tackle it, you need to be well trained if you don’t want the lactic acid in your legs to become your uncomfortable cycling companion after a few pedal strokes. The route will become very challenging as you reach the dreaded Giau pass, and extremely difficult in the last climb towards the summit of the Valparola pass with slopes up to 13%. A route which summarises well the essence of cycling: sweat, fatigue, perseverance.


technical specifications

Difficulty: HighLength: 136 KmElevation gain: 4550 mEquipment: ROAD

Additional Information
  • Pordoi Pass: 2239 m, ascent 9.4 km, average gradient 6.8%, maximum gradient 9.7%
  • Sella Pass: 2218 m, ascent 6.6 km, average gradient 6.6%, maximum gradient 8%
  • Gardena Pass: 2136 m, ascent 5.9 km, average gradient 4.2%, maximum gradient 6.2%
  • Campolongo Pass: 1875 m, ascent 6.15 km, average gradient 5%, maximum gradient 9%
  • The Giau da Selva di Cadore pass: 2236 m, ascent 10 km, average gradient 9%, maximum gradient 16%
  • Falzarego / Valparola from Pocol pass: 2192 m, ascent 13 km, average gradient 5.4%, maximum gradient 13%
  • Campolongo Pass: 1875 m, ascent 6.15 km, average gradient 5%, maximum gradient 9%


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