Fodom Tour

Itinerary: Arabba, Varda, Cherz, La Vizza, Incisa pass, Campolongo pass, Arabba, Portavescovo, Padon, Davedino, Roncat, Ornella, Renaz, Arabba

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This route crosses the territory of Arabba, an area characterised by dense coniferous forests and Alpine pastures. It reaches the village of Cherz and then continues towards the Incisa pass. Beautiful green meadows dominated by Mount Civetta and the presence of numerous wild animals such as marmots, deer and roe deer make this area a real natural wonder. From here, the route continues towards the Campolongo pass and finally to Arabba. There you can take the cable car to reach Porta Vescovo where you can admire the majestic view of the Marmolada mountain. From this point on, the trail becomes very challenging. You will really have to hold on tight to the handlebars to maintain the chosen trajectory as you go down the various downhill paths. Along the route, you will discover beautiful mountain villages such as Davedino, Roncat, Ornella and Renaz before finally reaching the state road where only two and a half km separates you from Arabba.


technical specifications

Difficulty: HighLength: 38,5 KmElevation gain: 2600 mEquipment: MTB


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